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Double smoked bacon is a bacon that is smoked a whole lot longer than regular bacon. The long smoking time results in a meat with a deep smoky flavor. Schaller and Weber dry cures the bacon; many supermarket bacon is injected with a brine to speed the... read more
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Rougie's Grade A Fresh Duck Foie is a top of the line product. This French-style beautiful golden foie gras is hand selected according to its texture (firm to semi-firm) and appearance. It is ideal for searing. This flash frozen Grade A Fresh Duck Foie... read more
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Do you like Duck Foie Gras, but don't want to mess with an entire lobe, these slices are your answer. They are the center cuts from main lobe of authentic French-style foie gras; no need for slicing or deveining. Take the number of slices you need,... read more
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Duck Legs are not always easy to get, so when you want to make your own Duck Leg Confit, a recipe that takes a couple of hours, you'll have to find a store first. Why not make it easier with these duck leg confits, already seasoned and slowly cooked in... read more
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Alexian's Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac is an all-natural creamy pate with a smooth texture. This award-winning pate mousse is made with duck liver and pork with fine cognac; it is Alexian exclusive is fresh, natural and sinfully delicious. The Duck... read more