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Bresaola, also known as Beef Prosciutto outside of Italy, is air dried, salted and aged for months until it becomes hard and dark red in color. It is very lean and tender and usually served at room temperature or slightly chilled and sliced very thin.... read more
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This delicately-seasoned fully cooked pork sausage is one of the most popular types of sausages in Germany. It is perfect as an appetizer, ideal for breakfast, or as an entree at a casual weekend brunch. Each package contains 4 sausages. ... read more
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Specially dry cured and slowly smoked the old farm style to give it a hearty smoke flavor. Use to flavor vegetable soups, salads and, of course, terrific with eggs. Each piece of double smoked bacon weighs approx. 1.25 pounds. Please note: We weigh... read more
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Columbus' dry mild coppa is made from closely-trimmed pork shoulder, and rubbed with salt and spices then slow-aged and air-dried for 45 days to bring out its full tenderness and fragrance. Enjoy it as a hearty alternative to prosciutto, layer it on thin... read more
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Duck Leg Confit is a duck leg seasoned and slowly cooked in duck fat. This is one of Fabrique Delice's specialty meats that are made the artisanal way according to authentic French recipes. Fabrique Delice is a traditional French charcuterie company in... read more
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Helix is a genus of large air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. This genus is native to Europe and the regions around the Mediterranean Sea. Helix is the type genus of the family Helicidae.The best-known species include... read more
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Fra' Mani Pancetta is a salted and dried skinless pork belly, made according to the traditional Italian production method of  'pancetta arrotolata' (rolled pancetta). Hand trimmed, hand salted and slowly aged, the Pancetta is characterized by a... read more
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In Germany Gelbwurst is often called a diet bologna because it is low in fat and salt. It originated in the Black Forest region and Bavaria. It is composed of veal and pork mildly spiced with nutmeg, white pepper, and ginger. Slice it an use it like... read more
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Guanciale comes from the jowls of the pig and consists of delicate fat and ribbons of earthy meat throughout. It is cured similarly to bacon, but it is not smoked. La Quercia's Iowa-bred meat is simply seasoned with rosemary, black and white pepper, and... read more
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Relying on a centuries old recipe, Daniele's Hot Capocollo is made from a select cut of pork, the solid muscle between the head (capo) and the shoulder (collo). Capocollo is cured with just the right amount of seasonings and hung to age for at least 3... read more