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Beech wood hams are cooked in hot-air ovens and patiently smoked on real beech wood; this produces an aroma that is peculiar and specific to this type of ham. Principe is carefully selecting fresh pig legs from which the bones are removed; then... read more
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Bresaola, also known as Beef Prosciutto outside of Italy, is air dried, salted and aged for months until it becomes hard and dark red in color. It is very lean and tender and usually served at room temperature or slightly chilled and sliced... read more
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This Calf Liver Pate or Kalbsleberwurst is made only with veal and veal liver as meat source. It does not contain any pork. This product is definitely a Schaller and Weber exclusive, creamy, mildly spiced and something special.... read more
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Two of three great Italian loves - Wine and Salami - come together resulting in one of the most authentic and innovative products in today's world of charcuterie. Experience the unique, old world style of Volpi's Chianti Salami. This... read more
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Among all of the assortments Chicago Steak Company has to offer, this is their Best Selling one. An assortment that allows you to sample the best cuts of steak; tender Filet Mignons, succulent Boneless Strips, mouthwatering Ribeyes and... read more
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Every cut of each steak in this Chicago Steak Sampler is upper-1/3 USDA Choice. Each steak is hand-selected and hand carved to ensure you get the best cut possible, and then dry- or wet-aged to intensify its naturally delicious flavor. That is... read more
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What a great grilling assortment and indeed a classic for each and every grilling enthusiast. From ribeyes to burgers - all wonderful angus wet-aged beef. Click here for tips on how to cook your steak. The Classic American Griller offers: 2 (10... read more
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A collection of premium steaks brought to you by Chicago Steak Company. This vintage collection of aged beef (minimum of 28 days) is composed of wet-aged USDA prime cuts of the most popular artisan-cut steaks for the cultivated palate. Each... read more
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This pate can be found all over the German countryside and is similar to the French pate de campagne; coarsely ground meat mixed with smooth pate. Schaller and Weber used a simple spice blend to add flavor pate; a spice blend that is... read more
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Rougie's Grade A Fresh Duck Foie is a top of the line product. This French-style beautiful golden foie gras is hand selected according to its texture (firm to semi-firm) and appearance. It is ideal for searing. This flash frozen Grade A Fresh... read more