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Helix is a genus of large air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. This genus is native to Europe and the regions around the Mediterranean Sea. Helix is the type genus of the family Helicidae.The best-known species include... read more
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This large Pancetta is handcrafted and slowly aged; hand trimmed and hand salted. This Italian uncured bacon is made with dried skinless pork belly, that is rolled according to the traditional Italian production method (pancetta arrotolata). This... read more
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Made by Schaller and Weber in New York, this large sausage is one of the most popular types of German style sausages or wurst. In Germany Gelbwurst is often called a diet bologna because it is low in fat and salt. It originated in the Black Forest region... read more
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Liver pate with goose fat and goose liver; a Ganseleberwurst in German - is a smooth, creamy pate that is made from goose liver and goose meat. A very fine spreading liverwurst, like French pate de foie. This product is a real gourmet delight and is... read more
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This Gold Medal Pate is the winner of the International Exposition at Utrecht, Holland. This Schaller and Weber liverwurst is a mousse-pate. Its smooth texture spreads easily, the flavor is wonderful and it is the premier product in Schaller and Weber's... read more
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Daniele's American-made Capocollo is created following a traditional recipe. The pork meat comes from the solid muscle between the head (capo) and the shoulder (collo). The meat is cured with just the right amount of seasoning, put in a casing and hung... read more
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Chorizo is made in the La Vera valley in Western Spain and a famous and delicious dry cured sausage. Spicy smoked paprika, garlic, pork and salt are the key and all ingredients to this all natural Spanish sausage. This hot version is seasoned with hot... read more
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This Coppa is a dry cured solid piece of pork shoulder. While not as romantic as the history of Finocchiona, Coppa hails from Piacenza in the Emilio Romano region of Northern Italy. Coppa is believed to be as old as the 5th Century AD.  Italian... read more
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Using a complement of spices, full-bodied wine and select cuts of pork, Columbus' Italian Dry Salame brings out the richness and aroma unique to this slow-cured specialty meat. It is an Italian classic with a San Francisco twist. There's no limit to how... read more
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Made by Schaller and Weber in New York, this sausage is a very popular cold-cut. Jagdwurst is a traditional German sausage, with a partly fine and partly coarse texture with similarities to bologna. Jagd means ' to hunt', so you can call this a hunters... read more