Monofloral Honey - Single Varietal Honey

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Honey bees in Colorado are responsible for this Bee Raw's sweet yellow clover honey, sourced from the blossom of the wild yellow clover, Melilotus officinalis. This light colored honey is sweet and buttery and develops warm undertones of... read more
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This Wild Raspberry honey is a light and floral honey, with a unique raspberry finish intertwined with the aroma of warm cocoa butter. The color is light yellow and the honey is mellow and smooth on the palate. The particular Bee Raw Honey is... read more
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Orange Blossom honey comes from the small flower of an orange tree. It is a light, flowery honey that is delicately sweet with citrus hints; flavorful. Combine the orange blossom honey with any type of cheese, and blue cheeses are a wonderful... read more
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Sabatino's Truffle Honey takes all the appeal of honey flavoring one step further. Truffle honey is perfect for meat glaze, crepe dressing, cheese, spreading over fruit or cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet. This gourmet truffle honey... read more
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Did you know that Lavender honey is one of the popular Spanish honeys. It is a 100 percent raw honey that is made from wild lavender and harvested in the Murcia region of Spain. Wild Lavender honey is light and floral and sweet and is a... read more
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