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This Creole mustard is a handsome looking mustard. The whole grain mustard has a delicate heat, coming from toasted chili flakes and turmeric root. Like any mustard this Doux South Creole version will do well in your salad dressing of... read more
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When you're into pickling, you know that brine may be used for so much more than just pickling and Atlanta based chef Nick Melvin, co-founder of Doux South is doing just that. He uses a red wine brine and pairs it with brown and yellow mustard... read more
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This whole grain mustard has has a little honey added to the mix. Just enough to soften the bite and add subtle floral note to the overall flavor.  Amazing with soft cheeses, such as fresh goat cheese, a triple cream brie and of course a... read more
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Do you like mustard, then these sweet n tangy mustard seeds may be a great and unique Texan alternative. These mustard seeds are like little flavor bursts in your mouth and make for a unique topping for sandwiches, burger, hot dogs. Great on... read more
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