Gourmet Mustard for Cheese

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This American-made Bavarian Style Mustard is like and 'Old World' authentic mustard recipe; the ones that are served in a German Biergarten or Hofbrauhaus in Germany's southeastern Bavaria. Schaller & Weber is a family-owned New York based business,... read more
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This traditional or old-style French mustard is made with whole mustard seed, resulting in a crisp and grainy texture that is so characteristic for this mustard. The stone jug adds to the traditional feel of the Moutarde a L'Ancienne. The mustard has a... read more
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In 1760 a monk of the ancient religious order of Meaux confided in the Pommery family the secret recipe of their marvelous grainy mustard, which since 1632 had regularly graced the tables of the Kings of France. The Moutarde de Meaux, or Meaux Mustard... read more