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In the Italian region of Puglia you can find traditional historic houses, trulli, characteristic of the region. These cute and colorful ceramic bottles feature these local trulli; The DeCarlo family is making award-winning olive oils for decades and... read more
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This delicate vinegar comes from the area of Modena, Italy, that is known for the balsamic vinegar. This Rose Condiment is a combination of grape must and wine vinegar and the flavor is a balance of sweet notes and some tartness. Try it on fruit, in... read more
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This Greek balsamic vinegar is made from ripe organic Agiorgitiko grapes, St. George grapes, that are aged in French oak barrels. It is made in the Argolis region of Greece by a family owned and operated company; the Olive Crate. This specific balsamic... read more
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This white organic balsamic vinegar from Olive Crate is a combination of the aroma of ripe Roditis grapes drenched in spring harvest honey, that is collected by beekeepers on the slopes of the Pindos mountain. This bottle contains the flavors of the... read more
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Most of us love avocado, just sliced in a salad or in guacamole. We love it because of the flavor, the color and the nutrients. The avocado is also used to make an avocado oil. It takes about 15-20 avocados to make 8 fl.oz. of avocado oil. This Roland... read more
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Acetaia San Giacomo is located in an old farm near the town of Novellara in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. They have a superb reputation with their balsamic vinegars. The Quince Cider Vinegar, Aceto di Mela Cotogna, is made with quince juice from... read more
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Pecan oil is a cold-pressed oil, made by a Georgian a centennial farm; a farm owned by the same family for 100 years or more. Oliver Farm is owned and operated by the 5th generation. Cold pressed oil is obtained through pressing and grinding with the use... read more
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Banyuls Wine Vinegar is made from Banyuls sweet wine from a region of France that borders Spain. It is aged for 4 years in oak barrels in the Mediterranean sun and then another year in new oak barrels. The natural sugar from the Banyuls, combined with... read more
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The mill of La Brague, in the South of France, is a 5th generation family owned mill producing the best extra virgin olive oil and olive related products. The Michel family applies its expertise with the utmost rigor: the best varieties of olives and... read more
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Vincotto is cooked wine and is derived from cooking the musts of Negroamaro and Malavasia grapes. The Fig Vincotto is crafted by the infusion of fig after the 3rd year of aging. The vincotto is aged in oak barrels for up to 4 years, creating a balance... read more