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Demi-glace is a classic French sauce; a richly concentrated brown stock that is reduced 4 times and you'll have a deep meat flavored sauce. It is a very lengthy process of roasting meaty bones and simmering for hours.Luckily, More than Gourmet in Ohio... read more
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Porcini mushrooms are graded according to quality level and slice size. These are Super Grade AA, which identifies larger pieces and is great for visual appearance.Porcini mushrooms have an earthy flavor and are a wonderful mushroom in soups, sauces,... read more
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When you're into pickling, you know that brine may be used for so much more than just pickling and Atlanta based chef Nick Melvin, co-founder of Doux South is doing just that.He uses a red wine brine and pairs it with brown and yellow mustard seeds; the... read more
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These cherry tomatoes are not really tipsy, they're just comfortable pickled in a red wine, basil and garlic brine.A refreshing flavorful tomato that will be a great ingredient in a pasta sauce, on your pizza, or as a snack. ... read more