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French Honeysuckle or Sulla is produced in an area in Italy that is full of fragrant honeysuckle bushes; Nocara - Cosenza in Southern Italy.The wax-white to ice-white honey is produced in May; the perfume of the honey is very delicate but distinctly... read more
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This French picnic salt is made from pure ocean salt, mustard, garlic, thyme, lavender, pink peppercorn and offers you a mix of flavors you will find in the French Provence. We recommend you use this gourmet salt on whatever comes to mind. Beautiful... read more
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This unique Armenian Walnut Preserve is made from hand-picked fresh and green walnuts. These walnuts are not aged, they are cured in syrup before they are made into a preserve and you will find whole pieces of juice walnut in the preserve.This Fresh... read more