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This all-natural jam is made with tart cranberries and whole ripe cherries slowly simmered in Cabarnet Sauvignon wine. It's made with real fruit and contains no pectin. Bonnie's Jams are gluten free, vegan and free from pectin. Bonnie creates... read more
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Cranberries may be seasonal, but this chutney is great all year, especially when you pair it with soft-ripened cheese, blue r cheddar cheese. This Virginia Cranberry Chutney has character, like most chutneys as it full of real whole fruit that... read more
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Cranberries and jalapeno are a wonderful every day combination on your sandwich and it does not have to be a turkey sandwich. The flavor is like a cranberry sauce with a little heat. This Florida-made hot jelly has become a popular product all... read more
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The tart flavor of cranberries play well against the rich sweetness of figs and makes Cranfiggy the perfect chutney for the holidays. Cranfiggy is seasoned with mustard seed, and given a floral note by orange peel and lemon. Pairs well with... read more
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This Creole mustard is a handsome looking mustard. The whole grain mustard has a delicate heat, coming from toasted chili flakes and turmeric root. Like any mustard this Doux South Creole version will do well in your salad dressing of... read more
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Porcini mushrooms are graded according to quality level and slice size. These are Super Grade AA, which identifies larger pieces and is great for visual appearance. Porcini mushrooms have an earthy flavor and are a wonderful mushroom in soups,... read more
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When you're into pickling, you know that brine may be used for so much more than just pickling and Atlanta based chef Nick Melvin, co-founder of Doux South is doing just that. He uses a red wine brine and pairs it with brown and yellow mustard... read more
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These cherry tomatoes are not really tipsy, they're just comfortable pickled in a red wine, basil and garlic brine. A refreshing flavorful tomato that will be a great ingredient in a pasta sauce, on your pizza, or as a snack.... read more
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Piment d'Espelette is AOC from the Basque region of France, a highly regarded and sought after pepper. You can use Espelette Pepper as a substitute for black pepper, like on meats, ham, pate or in sausages or in sauces or sprinkle it on mashed... read more
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This Italian Eucalyptus Honey has a balanced sweet and sour taste, with at times spicy overtones and balsamic notes. The honey is produced in July, in the Matera region of Southern Italy. The color of the honey is amber or light... read more