Pate & Terrines - Pork Free

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This Calf Liver Pate or Kalbsleberwurst is made only with veal and veal liver as meat source. It does not contain any pork. This product is definitely a Schaller and Weber exclusive, creamy, mildly spiced and something special.... read more
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This mousse is named after a beautiful area in Southern France, the Perigord, part of the  Dordogne, that is known for its cuisine, specifically the duck and goose products and recipes. The Mousse de Perigord, made by The Three Little Pigs reflects... read more
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Smoked Salmon Pate or a Terrine de saumon fume is a luscious delicacy featuring smoked Atlantic salmon, garnished with garden vegetables, such as carrots, green beans, mushrooms, onions. These vegetables are clearly visible which makes the pate a... read more