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When you like anchovies, don't bother with a small tin or jar, use this larger tin. Scalia, the manufacturer behind these anchovies is located in Southern Italy, on the island of Sicily and they pack their anchovies in extra-virgin olive oil. Scalia is... read more
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These are top grade anchovies from the Bay of Biscay that lies along the western coast of France and the northern coast of Spain. These anchovies fillets are smooth and have a firm textured with a rich almost buttery taste. Ortiz cures them in rock salt... read more
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Spanish Ortiz catches white tuna with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season in the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea. This technique is called selective fishing and respects the environment and protects marine reserves.Bonito... read more
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Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon is the gourmet epitome of smoked salmon and is a mark of unequaled excellence. Always made from fresh salmon, fully trimmed by hand, individually inspected, and with no brown meat and all fat removed. Ducktrap River Fish Farm... read more
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This tinned white tuna, or albacore, in olive oil is one of the Spanish culinary jewels. Keeping the tuna in olive oil, adds flavor and a silky texture, something tuna is packed in water does not do.Make your tuna fish sandwich or your salad nicoise with... read more
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Ducktrap's smoked mackerel can be eaten cold or warm, whatever you prefer or whatever the occasion is.Mackerel is fish with a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so-called heart healthy fats.The Smoked Peppered Wild Mackerel Fillets would be... read more
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Rainbow trout coming from clear mountain springs that is smoked over fruit wood is the most exquisite of all smoked fish. The smoking is done gently to retain moisture, flavor and texture; the result is a rich yet subtle flavor and moist, flaky... read more
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The Spruce Point Smoked Salmon is a lightly trimmed salmon. This pastrami style is rubbed with a blend of herbs and spices. It is a blend that is known to be a Ducktrap favorite.Smoking salmon is an art and one that Ducktrap has mastered over the years.... read more
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