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Caramelized pecans are lovely candied nuts. Because the pecan has a nice plump and meaty inside, you'll have a crunch and a softer bite. Serve these nuts in a salad, with a cheese platter or just a snack whenever you feel like it. ... read more
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Caramelized walnuts are not difficult to make, but you may not have time to do it, or just don't feel like going through that effort. These candied nuts are delicious and come in small tubs. Crunchy and a wonderful accompaniment for cheese or pate, with... read more
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The Waterthins Classic Cheddar Cheese Twists are a nice snack. The many layers consist of dough and the finest of cheeses. The classic version is mildly seasoned with cayenne pepper. The cheddar cheese twists are then baked in a time honored tradition... read more
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Geraldine's Traditional Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Straws are know nation-wide. It's said that, in the South, you can't have a wedding, shower, or any social event without serving Cheese Straws. Geraldine's Bodacious Cheese Straws are known nationwide and... read more
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Marcona Almonds are Spain's most precious almonds and are indigenous to the country. They are also known as the 'Queen of Almonds'. They are sweet and softer than most almonds and absolutely delicious. These almonds are fried, to highlight the almonds... read more
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Australian-made cheese twists are crispy layers of specialty dough entwined with real cheese to create a mouth-watering entertaining accompaniment. These cheese twists are seasoned with Parmesan cheese and garlic and will be great as a snack or as a... read more
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Pepper Shooters are cherry peppers stuffed with Prosciutto and wrapped around Provolone cheese. A ready-to-go snack, or a flavorful hors d'oeuvres for cocktail parties or informal get-togethers. Each jar contains 12 ounces, this is about 6 pepper... read more
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Spain has great meat, wonderful cheese and outstanding almonds; Valencia and Marcona almonds. These almonds are nice and big, and a great snack. These Valencia almonds are spiced with smoked paprika, another typical Spanish flavor. Enjoy them with a... read more
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Dried herbs and spice give these large fried Spanish Almonds just a little extra kick that makes them irresistible. Absolutely wonderful as a snack, but also a great addition to a cheese platter, a salad or when you bake a nut bread.... read more