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Smoked sea salt is an easy and simply way to add flavor to your dishes and aged applewood is one of the popular woods that is used to flavor salts. Use the salt with fish, shellfish, pork, poultry, lamb, bacon, ham and grilling. This salt has a mild,... read more
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At Fire & Flavor they know a thing or two about grilling and this Asian Rub is an all natural rubs that will make your grilling preparation easier. Add an Asian flavor to your fish, chicken, pork or beef with this rub, made from a blend of toasted... read more
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Beautiful Briny Sea, an artisan dry-goods company from Atlanta is the creator of Birth Bath. The name of the product nicely describes it, it is a turkey brine. Of course you can use this product with chicken, pork and fish as well. This handcrafted... read more
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When you have something truffle in your hand, you will pick up the aroma. For many an intoxicating, earthy aroma. This small jar of fine sea salt with tiny pieces of black truffle will compliment many dishes of all cuisines. Your omelet, pasta, salad,... read more
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This is a salt you don't see every day; natural rock salt that has tiny pieces of blue sapphire colored crystals. It looks rather magical and will entice some discussion at your dinner table. The flavor of this salt is similar to fleur de sel, so you can... read more
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Rub a combination of salt, sugar, chilies, cumin, paprika, red pepper, oregano, and more on your turkey or chicken and roast, grill or fry it to perfection. This Turkey Dry Brine is delivers all these herbs and spices. It's a spicy rub that will give you... read more
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Campfire is a smoked salt blend containing pure ocean salt, smoked sea salt, sumac, cumin, and chili flakes. Beside the nice warm terra-cotta color it makes you dishes taste like the outdoors. Use with brook trout, skillet potatoes, grilled corn, roasted... read more
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At Fire & Flavor they are all about bbq, grilling, cooking and using spices to enhance the flavors of the food items you prepare. This Classic Rub will do great on almost everything; that's why it is called a classic. Try it on pork, poultry and... read more
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The coarse La Baleine Sea salt is used when you like the crunch in your dishes; as the salt crystals are large. The French La Baleine Company has excelled in using nature and salt marches and salt tables doing most of the work in creating their... read more
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Fire & Flavor's Coffee Rub was voted Favorite Rub by the Food and Wine Magazine. Georgia-based Fire & Flavor has developed a nice range of All Natural, kosher rubs. Rubs are basically a mixture of spices, seasonings and herbs that you apply (rub)... read more