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When candied orange slices are hand-dipped in dark chocolate they become an irresistible treat for after dinner or just whenever you feel like it. Try them on ice cream, cakes and pies. These orange delights are made by Fernando, Manuel and... read more
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Can it be more Southern than pickled peaches. Pickled Pink doesn't think so. They pickled their all natural Perfectly Pickled Peaches with a hint of cinnamon, clove and with a touch of red pepper to add some zip. Atlanta-based Pickled Pink... read more
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Smokra is pickled okra with smoked paprika, hence the name Smokra. The shape of the vegetable is like a spike or finger; it is also called Lady Finger. Okra is a warm-weather crop, and that's may be why it is most popular in the southern US,... read more
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Think about hot summers and how refreshing a watermelon is. Eating it straight from the wedge, just lips and cheeks all covered with sticky watermelon juice. You don't mind because it helps quench your thirst. Pickled Pink takes this concept... read more
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Stuffed grape leaves or Dolmas are a must have in a Mediterranean meza. The grape leaves are filled with a tender long-grain rice that is falvoed with onion, dill, salt, lemon, mint, black pepper. We know these stuffed grape leaves as Dolmas,... read more
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For Wild Cherries in Amarena Syrup, only the best cherries are selected. They are then candied in amarena (sour cherry) syrup according to the original recipe passed down from the founder of the company. The story of Fabbri starts in 1905 in... read more
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