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Verjus is a tart, fresh juice of unripe wine grapes. Verjus or Verjuice as it is sometimes called, literally means green juice in the sense that it's made from fruit that has yet to fully ripen — it's green.This Napa Valley Verjus is made from wine... read more
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To make the original Vincotto, grapes of Negroamaro and Malavasia grapes, which have been left to wither on the vines for 30 days are pulped and cooked. Hence the name Vin Cotto - cooked wine.The created grape must is reduced to one-fifth of its original... read more
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Do not confuse a Vincotto Vinegar with a Balsamic Vinegar. They look very similar, but they are not the same. Their use can be the same, but the flavor is different. A Vincotto has nuances of prunes, spices and heady grape components.Vincotto Vinegar or... read more