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San Giacomo makes the Saba from the same cooked grape must that is used for making balsamic vinegar, but the Saba is not fermented or aged. It is reduced by 1/3 over an open fire during which the sugars caramelize and the flavor becomes more concentrated... read more
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The Beaufor company is located in the heart of Champagne area, in France. The grand tradition of French cooking is being kept alive as they produce the best grade of vinegars, like this Sherry Wine Vinegar.For more than one century, quality has been... read more
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Argento Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia, the silver sealed balsamic vinegar, made by San Giacomo. The golden, silver and red seals signify grading levels for these vinegars; silver being more concentrated than the red, aragosta label and... read more