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Bleu de Gex and Bleu de Septmoncel are both known under the official name Bleu du Haut Jura. Bleu du Haut Jura is a member of the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) family since 1977.

The area of production for Bleu de Gex is l’Ain and Jura. The milk comes from the Montbéliarde cows and the spores use to come from the local plants eaten by the cows; today the cheese is injected with the bacteria.

Bleu de Gex has a flat wheel shape, the rind is dry, rough, and has a white-yellow color. The gourmet cheese is dense and creamy with a pale ivory color and a marbling of very dark greenish-blue veins. The aroma and flavor are relatively mild but quite definite in character; fruity and nutty. The taste is quite sharp and bitter, but not overpowering. Cheeses that are similar to Fourme d'Ambert and Blue Stilton.

This sounds yummy! I'm curious! The reference to Jura in the classification of this cheese might refer to the island of Jura, one of the Hebrides that is reputed to be the ancestral place of origin of my particular sept of the Lindsays. According to someone in the Lindsay DNA haplotype project with whom I share 24 out of 26 markers, our Lindsays took that name at some point but originally were named McLeisich or McLeindsaich The island of Jura is supposed to be renowned for it's dairy cattle. The Lindsays of Jura are apparently of Norse (Viking) rather than Norman or Flemish descent.