Caruchon Papillon Cheese

Caruchon is a sheep's milk cheese from the Papillon House in Aveyron. This gourmet artisanal cheese is made from pasteurized pure sheep's milk and was awarded a Gold Medal in Paris in 2006.

The cheese is soft and melts easily, has a light aroma that can be called pleasant. During the first weeks of maturing the rind is regularly washed with brine. Then the rind starts to develop into a natural, edible white mold, resulting in a mixed rind washed and bloomy; something you don't often see in a sheep's milk cheese. The color of the rind becomes darker with time and the taste becomes stronger with time, but not too strong.

This cheese has similarities with the Pont l’�v�que because of its shape and the type of its rind, but at the same time is reminds us of a Reblonchon because of the firmness of the paste and the creaminess.