Comte Aged 10 Months

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Raw milkYes
Animal RennetYes

Charles Arnaud is a family owned dairy and French Comte cheese specialist since 1907. Comte is a well-known raw cow's milk firm cheese with a slight nutty taste.

At the heart of the Haut Jura Nature Park, 2700 feet above sea level, the Fort des Rousses accommodates over 100,000 rounds of Comte cheese in exceptional maturing conditions. The Fort des Rousses is France's second-largest fortress, built by Napoleon III, and was converted in 1997 from a military site into maturing cellars, serving the gourmet cheese industry.

This 10 months aged Comte is fruity, flowery, mild in flavor. The cheesemakers would say 'Every wheel has a story, and every story is different.' In other words, no cheese is alike in flavor, aroma and texture. The appearance of the cheese will show a dense paste, very smooth and homogeneous, with few or no holes. The color varies from creamy ivory in winter to a deeper yellow when the cows are grazing. Comte is aromatic with a wide range of nuances including notes of nuts, grass, flowers and leather.

Comte is great it fondue, French onion soup, grilled cheese, cheese sauces, scalloped potatoes etc.

Ingredients:milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes