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Explorateur, the aristocrat of triple-cream cheeses was invented in 1958 at the time the rocket Explorer was in the news. The French dairy which invented the cheese decided on a topical name and a picture of the rocket still appears on the wrapping.

Explorateur was one of the first cheeses to be created after the triple-cream classification was defined as a cheese with a butterfat content of 75 percent or more. This is achieved by adding a great deal of cream to the milk before coagulation.

This gourmet cheese is produced with a light, downy velvety white rind. The deep ivory paste is very soft and creamy. The flavor is very rich and mild, deepening a little with maturity.

I first had this cheese in the late 60's and had never tasted any thing like this delicious cheese. It has a rich tast that makes it impossiblle to have just one bite. It was very hard to find since few places had it in the pre computer days. Every time I found it ,it was like finding a true treasure. When I first joined Gourmet Food and saw Explorature it was the deal maker for joining. This cheese is so good that I don't order every time since I want to keep it special

Best cheese ever. So versatile. Amazing accompanying a salad as a dip, or as a spread on bread. Like clotted cream or creme fraiche or mascarpone, but very light and creamy. Makes the best tartine (toasted baguette spread with cheese layered under jam).
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