Munster Cheese

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The most notable characteristics of this Munster cheese are: stinky, sticky and French. Munster is the only known cheese coming form the Alsace region in Northeastern France. The stinky and the sticky are a result of washing the rind with a brine, a water-salt solution.

It is very easy to dismiss a stinky cheese, and for the not so experienced cheese taster, you may need to build up some courage to try this Munster, but behind the strong farmyard aroma with a lemony tang, you will find a cheese with a soft smooth, creamy interior a strong nutty and meaty flavor.

The color of the rind is pink when the cheese is very young and becomes more red when the cheese matures and logically the flavor and aroma will intensify as well.

Enjoy this French cheese with a glass of Alsace wines.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic starters.