Pont L'Eveque AOP

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts
Pasteurized MilkYes
Animal RennetYes

Pont L'Eveque is related to the brie family, but more intense in flavor. Aged for 4-6 weeks, it is divinely complex and satisfying. When cut, the interior will bulge, but never ooze. The flavor is reminiscent of bacon and cream, with notes of hay and grass. For a stronger bite, include the rind which is washed in salt water through the ageing process, encouraging bold pungency.

Pont L'Eveque comes from Normandy – a region of France particularly admired for cheesemaking. This is one of the oldest cheeses of the area, which borders the sea and features lush green coastal farmland.

Other food products from Normandy include apples and cider, often paired with this cheese. Pont L'Eveque also shines with a full-bodied red wine, nuts, cured meats, berry jam and fruit.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk (contains lactose and casein), salt, lactic and acid starters, rennet.