Port Salut Cheese

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Wedge, weight: 8 ounces
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Port Salut, a semi soft, creamy French cheese made from cow's milk; it is a traditional monastery cheese and is also known as Saint Paulin. Originally produced by Trappist Monks in the 19th century, this was the first French cheese produced from pasteurized milk. Today Port Salut is produced in factories and differs somewhat from the original, but in essence it is the same cheese as the Monks used to make.

This very popular French gourmet cheese has a very thin distinctive orange rind and a pale-yellow interior. It is soft enough that it is spreadable.

Port Salut is a great snacking cheese; pair it with just crackers and enjoy the creaminess or serve it with fresh or dried fruits or anything you like. The cheese does not have a very strong flavor, so it will satisfy many flavors.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound and you can purchase and entire wheel of approx. 4.5 pounds.

Ingredients:pasteurized cultured milk, milk protein concentrate, salt, enzymes. In the rind: annatto extract (color).