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Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes

Limburger has a smelly past. But to clarify, it is this rind that gives Limburger its reputation as a 'Stinker.' Limburger was originally created by Belgian Trappist monks in the monasteries near Limburg in Belgium. A hundred years ago the recipe was adopted by the German cheese makers and they made it their own.

This is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese with an incredibly pungent aroma, however there are people who think it is not pungent enough. This aroma is caused washing the rind with bacteria that break down the proteins, creating a sulfur like smell. Funny enough the flavor of this peachy-colored Bavarian Limburger is actually relatively mild, especially when you disregard the rind. A Limburger close to the expiration date will have a much stronger flavor than a relatively young Limburger.

The interior is a soft, straw-colored paste that becomes softer with age. The Limburger is an acquired taste, and like many other stinky cheese, when brought to room temperature and combined properly, the taste is enjoyable and the aroma less important.

Pair Limburger with a robust beer.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, salt, microbial rennet, bacterial cultures, bacterial linens.
ordered two bars of this limburger cheese the order arrived two days earlier than i expected, i was not home. when i arrived home my package was at my door there for two days in the florida hot sun. to my surprise the product was packed so well that the cooler was still ice cold. kudos to gourmet foods for their attention to detail packing, also the cheese was delicious, i will be ordering more in the future.

I have been enjoying Limburger since I was a small child and am now close to 70 years old. This Limburger is as good as any I have ever eaten. The brick has the usual strong aroma but once the coating is removed, the cheese itself has mild aroma. The taste is relatively mild and somewhat earthy but not biting and there is no unpleasant aftertaste. The texture is very smooth. In my mind, the mark of a good cheese is how hard it is to stop eating it and this cheese is hard to put aside I can easily eat a brick with cold beer before a meal. I have tried several domestic Limburgers and have found them all offensive to my tongue. I used to eat brick Mohawk Limburger but I think this is better, certainly mider and with a firmer texure.