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Artisanal products are coming from all over the US and enrich our lives with flavor, texture and memories of traditions and old recipes. Our American Classic Artisanal Gift Baskets contains the following products: Mt Tam - an elegant, handcrafted 8 oz.... read more
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This basket contains many of your favorites; those cheeses you continue to appreciate. Cheeses from 6 different countries, each of them with their specific style, age and flavor and aroma. All these cheeses are packed in a stylish willow basket... read more
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Fruits are not only healthy they are also delicious and great in combination with other foods. Many manufacturers have incorporated these delicious fruits in their products, from cheese to crackers and vinegar to tea. We gathered together the most... read more
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Gourmet and specialty food from California is created by people who have the ability to combine innovation with tradition. Our classic gift basket consists of a selection of favorite products that this large West coastal state has to offer. Mt Tam - an... read more
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While creating this celebration basket we knew there are so many reason to celebrate that we collected a variety of gourmet items. And if there is no official reason to celebrate, we are sure that you will find a one... Purple Haze - a small disc of... read more
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The United Kingdom has a rich history in cheese making and their cheese is rich in flavor, color and the makers create new flavor combinations. Our Basket from Britain contains 8 different cheeses; Red Dragon: a Welsh Cheddar with wholegrain mustard... read more
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Congratulations! to that special person. We have created a handsome gourmet basket filled with delicious products that can be enjoyed with a few friends. The basket contains a little bit of everything. Merlot BellaVitano (5.3 oz.) - soaked in fine Merlot... read more
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Our Deluxe American Artisanal Gift Baskets contains the following items: Two Year Old Vermont Cheddar (8 oz.) - a raw cow's milk cheese that is aged for about 2 years, developing a complexity of flavor that is appreciated by many cheese lovers. Balsamic... read more
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For the Foodie friend or family member, this gourmet assortment will give them plenty of opportunity to experiment. Special honey, vinegar, salt, sugar and cheese are part of this items that will spark exotic compositions: Quince Cider Vinegar - Aceto di... read more
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France - a country that produces a lot of gourmet food, cheese, wine, pate, name it. Many gourmet chefs come from France or had training in France and it is certainly not difficult to fill a gift baskets with French delicacies, so you can prepare or... read more