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Germany and cheese may not the first combination people think of, but don't underestimate the popularity of German cheeses. We selected a handful of German cheeses for you that show their diversity; creamy, blue, stinky and versatile and last... read more
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Four bread dipping blends of spices and herbs, packed in a tiny linen bag. Ideal to mix with your favorite oils and enjoy as an appetizer. These blends are also used in salad, sauces, or marinades. A great gift or simply a way to treat... read more
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For our Handful of Scandinavian Cheese we selected cheeses from the 3 major Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. All three countries are kingdoms; let's see whether you experience these cheeses to be kings in their own right. A... read more
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Our Classic Fondue Cheese Assortment consists of 3 traditional Swiss gourmet cheeses; Emmentaler, Gruyere and Appenzeller; a total of approximately 3 pounds. The Emmentaler and Gruyere are the 2 basic cheeses and the addition of the... read more
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Our BellaVitano Cheese Gift Box gives you the opportunity to taste 5 different BellaVitano cheeses packed in a blue or burgundy Gift Box. Balsamic BellaVitano: the sweet, nutty, fruity flavors of a BellaVitano Gold blessed with a few prized... read more
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Seattle-founded Beecher's Cheese makes top quality, award-winning cheeses that reflect the owner Kurt Beecher Dammeier's passion for making artisan cheese and his believe of eating food free of harmful additives and preservatives. Our Beecher's... read more
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The English have an extensive variety of cheese, we have selected 4 delicious gourmet cheeses, ranging from traditional to modern, from plain to impressive looking. A cheese assortment that will do justice to your gifting abilities. Blue... read more
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Mexican restaurants are everywhere and recipes based on the Mexican kitchen are easy to find all over the internet. In order to try to replicate that wonderful dish you ate or try to make that great looking recipe you need the right... read more
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A gift box filled with 4 totally different goat cheeses. There is so much to choose from. Our choice is a Dutch, Spanish, American and Australian-style marinated goat cheese. Nice packed in a box with ribbon. Goat Gouda - (8 oz.) Gouda style... read more
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Our Assortment of American Cheddars has four cheddars from 4 major cheese states. Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont and Oregon; two white and two yellow cheddars, different in age, flavor and consistency. Vermont's Clothbound Cheddar (8 oz.) is... read more