Gourmet Non Sturgeon Caviar

Browse our excellent selection of International and American gourmet non-sturgeon caviar. Logically these caviars can come from any type of fish that is not part of the Sturgeon family. We have Salmon, Capelin, Paddlefish, Bowfin, Whitefish, Trout and even Lobster Caviar. The flavors and appearances are as diverse as their names and it is our great pleasure to offer you such a fine selection, enabling you to explore, taste and enjoy at affordable prices. If you are just exploring caviar or are an experienced gourmand, the non-sturgeon caviars are an excellent affordable alternative to the more expensive sturgeon caviars.

Taste the equisite and affordable delights of gourmet Non Sturgeon Caviar.

Our Featured Gourmet Non Sturgeon Caviar
Picture of ghost pepper caviar
The Ghost Pepper Caviar is truly remarkable; imagine the infusion of a secret Louisiana recipe of fine sea salt and Ghost Pepper into a delicate and tasty fresh wild American Bowfin caviar during production. You end up with an exquisite caviar, with and excellent taste and a spicy flavor. The possibilities are endless. Add this remarkable Caviar to an oyster or a dollop on some seared fresh snapper or in a Bloody Mary drinks and how about the finishing touch on fish tacos. The caviar pearls are jet black, small delicate and they have a smooth clean flavor of creamy rich caviar, then at the end there is an enchanting kick of spiciness that will truly excite your taste buds. The Ghost Pepper Caviar is produced from freshly caught wild American Bowfin and is harvested in Louisiana under FDA supervision and with full compliance to the most rigorous read more...
What other Gourmets are buying
  • This red-orange caviar is the roe from fresh wild Alaska Salmon and is also called Ikura, Keta and Chum. This Grade A Salmon Caviar is harvested fresh and processed in Alaska with traditional Russian methods to ensure unmatchable quality. The characteristics of this caviar is a very large pearl that bursts in flavor of a fresh Salmon in the ocean with a subtle hint of sea salt. Salmon Caviar conta... read more
  • The Trout Caviar is truly impressive; they are the glistening jewels of the Sea. The caviar comes from rainbow trout farmed in France, sustainable and fresh. The French Trout Caviar is succulent and very mild in flavor, unlike Salmon Roe, Trout Caviar is very mild in flavor. The caviar has firm large pearls that have an exciting pop when eaten. What makes this Trout Caviar superior to others is th... read more
  • American Black Bowfin Caviar is a genuine Black Caviar derived from the Bowfin Fish in Louisiana. Commonly referred to as Choupique Caviar or Cajun Caviar. The Bowfin is not a sturgeon, but is a very old fish as well. This caviar is produced under the same Caspian Technique that has been handed down for generations and is processed fresh upon harvest. It is caught wild and processed under the gui... read more
  • Smoked Trout Caviar is one of the caviars you don't see very often, so we are happy to be able to offer it. The pearls are sustainable and extremely delightful, smoked with a delicate mixture of apple and oak woods, this cold smoked trout roe is amazing. The pearls are firm and succulent, the flavor is a burst of freshness and a light hint of smokiness followed by the taste of the clean sea. 1 oz... read more
  • The American Paddlefish, is one of the largest freshwater fish in North America and is also called Spoonbill. Some mistake the Spoonbill for a genuine sturgeon, but it is not. Still, Paddlefish Caviar is a high quality caviar, comparable and highly accepted and sought after just as Sturgeon Caviar.  The Paddlefish Caviar is caught wild in the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and is harvested a... read more
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