The Cheeses of Vermont: A Gourmet Guide to Vermont's Artisanal Cheesemakers

By Henry Tewksbury
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This gourmet travel guide to the artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers of Vermont shows how the cheese is made, describes the different types of handcrafted goat-, sheep-, and cow's-milk cheeses, and tells you where and when to go to see them being made. In recent years the number of artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers in Vermont has exploded. These dedicated craftspeople make distinctive, high-quality cheeses from the milk of their own cows, sheep, and goats; age them in their own caves; and ship them to restaurants, gourmet food markets, and cheese lovers all over the world. Henry Tewksbury, a cheese expert and a passionate devotee of handcrafted Vermont cheese, is your guide to the cheeses, their makers, and their stories. He gives a brief overview of the cheesemaking process, introduces us to the cheesemakers and their herds, and then describes dozens of varieties in delectable detail. He tells you where to go and when to visit to see the cheeses being made, and provides details on where Vermont cheeses can be purchased, both within and outside the state. French flaps, 40 black & white photographs, 16 color photographs, 1 map, glossary, resources, index.

• Vermont handcrafted cheeses have become one of the trendiest items in the gourmet world. • Vermont's cheesemakers have been featured in articles in Gourmet, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, and many other publications