Firm Texture Gourmet Cheese

Browse our great selection of Firm Texture Gourmet Cheese. Firm cheeses become harder and more concentrated with age. Firm cheeses have a lower moisture content than the softer cheeses as they lose as much as 15% of their weight as they age, which deepens their flavor. Many firm cheeses are made in the mountain regions. Try them and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

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Our Featured Firm Texture Gourmet Cheese
Picture of landaff cheese
Landaff cheese is a raw cow's milk farmstead cheese. The handmade cheese is made from fresh milk, and the composition and taste associated with the cheese can vary depending on the cows diet, the season, and the weather. The cheese is firm, crumbly with a delicious combination of flavors, tangy with a clean finish. The open and rich buttery texture of this gourmet cheese comes with a natural, cave-aged rind. Landaff cheese is aged in the read more...