Goat's Milk Gourmet Cheese

Browse our selection of gourmet cheese made from goat’s milk. Historically goat’s milk cheeses were the white logs of plain goat’s milk. And though they were fine, excellent and delicious, we can now enjoy many more exciting varieties, both in the US and imported. We have hard cheeses, flavored goat’s milk cheeses and artisanal handmade creations that deserve a place in your gourmet heart. Try them and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Goat's Milk Gourmet Cheeses frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Goat's Milk Gourmet Cheese
Picture of assorted fresh chevre cheese
A great way to sample Cypress Grove's fresh goat cheese is to just try them and you can determine which one you like best. In total you will get 6 small disks, each one 4 ounces. The award-winning gourmet goat cheeses are PsycheDillic, Herbs de Humboldt, Purple Haze (this is the most popular and you will get 2), Sgt. Pepper and Ms. Natural. The goats on the Cypress Grove farm in rural Humboldt County enjoy the lush pastures provided by the mild Northern California Pacific coastal climate and that results in cheeses with creamy texture and a sublime taste. read more...
What other Gourmets are buying
  • Cypress Groves' Midnight Moon is a hard artisanal goat's milk cheese that is made in Holland exclusively for Cypress Grove and has been aged for at least 6 months. This gouda-style cheese has an ivory color interior that is slightly darker closer to the rind. The cheese is smooth with a dense texture and you will experience little crunches of protein crystals and these crunches participate in the ... read more
  • Traditional Fromage Blanc is made from cow's milk, but there is no reason to make this cream cheese alternative from goat's milk. Nettle Meadow Farms thought the same thing and their Fromage Blanc is made from unsalted goat's milk, with an infusion of lavender flowers, and honey. Just enough difference to stand out, just enough flavor to be more than just Fromage Blanc, white cheese. Serve with f... read more
  • Cranberry and cinnamon; now that sounds like the perfect pairing. This is a Montchevre's staple. Made fresh from pasteurized prime quality goats milk; this 4 oz. soft cheese log is enhanced with sweetness from dried cranberries then flavored with cinnamon. This cheese is perfectly creamy with just enough tanginess. Every log is vacuum packed to lock in freshness and extend the shelf life. Montchev... read more
  • Does it get any better than this, blueberries, vanilla and fresh goat cheese. It's like a little roll of breakfast or dessert if you like and the only thing you'll need is slice it and put it on a bagel, crusty bread or a cracker. This deliciously looking goat log will catch your eye, so don't hesitate to put it on a cheese board. Montchevre makes the goat cheese logs with fresh cheese and hand-pa... read more
  • Whether you believe the legend that a cheesemaker's goat cheese accidentally rolls off the table into a barrel of wine and is found after a couple of day or you may believe that this cheese was created with the intend to create something different - this Spanish goat cheese is a success. Drunken Goat cheese or Queso de Murcia al Vino is a young cheese, made of pasteurized goat's milk and soaked in... read more
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