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Browse our selection of sheep’s milk gourmet cheese. One may think that sheep’s milk cheeses may be lesser known than cow’s milk cheeses, but Roquefort, Manchego and Pecorino Romano are made from sheep milk, and certainly sheep’s milk cheese takes on a new appreciation. Try some of the other lesser known varieties and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Sheep's Milk Gourmet Cheeses frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Sheep's Milk Gourmet Cheese
Picture of petit agour
Petit Agour is a Basque sheep's milk cheese from Southwest of France and has been named twice Gold Medal Winner at the Paris Salon de L'Agriculture. The milk comes from sheep native to the Pyrenees Mountains, which is only collected seasonally. It has a firm but buttery texture, and a flavor that is nutty and blossoming, full of the flavors of the pureness from these mountains. This particular Petit Agour is matured for at least 3 months to develop a complex flavor, and a harder texture. Petit Agour is also sweet, spicy and exuberant in flavor. You really must try this little gem. Serve this French cheese cut in thin curls, or into wedges. You can read more...
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  • Gabriel Coulet, back in 1872 set out to start a wine cellar in the caves underneath his house, in his quest he learned that the caves offered a natural ventilation which was ideal for aging cheese ... and so it began. For the production of this French gourmet cheese, the AOC regulations require the use of whole, raw sheep's milk coming from within the Roquefort region, and from the ewe's of the La... read more
  • Mizithra or Myzithra is an old Greek cheese and similar to an Italian Ricotta cheese, but a lot dryer. Made from sheep's milk, the flavor is more pronounced than the ricotta: rather nutty and salty. This Greek cheese has a very dry and crumbly texture; it is very easy to cut and grate, you can almost grate it with a knife or fork. This cheese works wonderfully blended into pasta dishes. We hand-cu... read more
  • Ricotta Salata is a wonderful combination of nutty and creamy with just a hint of salt. Aged 90 days, this semi-firm cheese has a smooth, white appearance and a rather dry texture, perfect for cubing, crumbling or shredding. It boasts a pleasant milky flavor, coming from the whey part of the sheep’s milk. This is such a great cheese to keep handy; it can be the star or the supporting role. You can... read more
  • Manchego is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, home of Don Quixote, and is a very popular Spanish cheese. Manchego is made with raw or pasteurized sheep's milk. Our 8 months old Manchego is made with raw sheep's milk. The rind of this Spanish gourmet cheese is inedible and it has a distinctive, characteristic to the Manchego, basket weave pattern pressed in the rind. There are specific dif... read more
  • Valbreso feta comes from the wild mountain ranges in southern France, a environment for sheep, not cows and it was the availability of sheep milk that ignited the idea to make Feta, solely from sheep milk. The Lacaune sheep produces rich, high quality milk and when Valbreso used the traditional methods of making Feta, their cheese was tangy yet delicate, with a pleasantly rich and creamy taste, a ... read more
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