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Browse our selection of Spanish gourmet cheeses. Spain is another great cheese producing country and we are very pleased to see that more of you appreciate the great creations that come from this Iberian Peninsula. Manchego is almost a household name, but did you know that Spain is producing some great goat milk cheeses and some fabulous blues? Try them and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Spanish Gourmet Cheeses frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Spanish Gourmet Cheese
Picture of naked goat cheese
This Spanish aged goat cheese, made from pasteurized goat's milk is rather sweet and not very goaty. It used to be made with raw milk cheese, that's most likely why it was called naked, as in untouched, but currently the goat's milk is pasteurized and the producers have cheese with a more consistent flavor. The Naked Goat Cheese is a Queso de Murci Curado, is aged for 6 months Southeastern Spain. The hard, creamy cheese melts really well, so great for sauces, on top of vegetables, burgers, pizzas. We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound. If you prefer to buy an entire wheel of 6 pounds, please contact us. read more...
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  • Whether you believe the legend that a cheesemaker's goat cheese accidentally rolls off the table into a barrel of wine and is found after a couple of day or you may believe that this cheese was created with the intend to create something different - this Spanish goat cheese is a success. Drunken Goat cheese or Queso de Murcia al Vino is a young cheese, made of pasteurized goat's milk and soaked in... read more
  • Manchego is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, home of Don Quixote, and is a very popular Spanish cheese. Manchego is made with raw or pasteurized sheep's milk. Our 8 months old Manchego is made with raw sheep's milk. The rind of this Spanish gourmet cheese is inedible and it has a distinctive, characteristic to the Manchego, basket weave pattern pressed in the rind. There are specific dif... read more
  • Manchego can be devoured at many ages; this variety is 3-4 months old and aged naturally, gradually forming its yellowish golden rind and an ivory colored cheese with a rich, buttery flavor. It is less dry than older Manchegos, but already has the flavor characteristic of a well-matured. We cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound.... read more
  • When you see a Tetilla cheese, the first thing you will notice is its shape. When you taste a Tetilla the first thing you will notice its rich creamy taste and texture. Tetilla DO is a mild, Spanish hand-made cheese and so very different from the well-known Manchego cheese. The conical cheese from Galicia is made from the milk of cows grazed on the lush pastures behind the coastal mountain range. ... read more
  • Idiazabal is originally produced high in the Pyrenees above Pamplona. This rustic Spanish gourmet sheep's milk cheese was often smoked in the rafters of the shepherds' huts. Today, it is made all over the Basque country in both factory and farmstead, from unpasteurized milk. Idiazabal is produced in small drum shapes in varying sizes. The rind of this gourmet cheese is pale yellow in color and qui... read more
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