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Browse our selection of Swiss gourmet cheeses. Most known for its Emmental cheese – commonly called Swiss cheese – Switzerland is also the country of the Cheese Fondue and the Raclette; two cheese meals that Europeans learned to love and appreciate. Swiss cheese makers have also developed more modern cheeses, like Don Olivo and Moutardier. Try them and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Swiss Gourmet Cheeses frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Swiss Gourmet Cheese
Picture of emmental cave-aged
When you like the traditional Emmental, but wouldn't mind a little more kick in your cheese, this cave-aged version may just be the cheese for you. The 1 year maturation in the Kaltbach caves near Lucerne, creates a gourmet Emmental cheese that is a little denser, a little more flavorful, and you will find tiny flecks of salt crystals. The flavor is still an Emmental, but then stronger, also a little bit aromatic, but a great cheese is you want a more than mild cheese fondue or cheese sauce. This AOC Emmental received a Gold Medal in the World Cheese Awards in 2010. Combine the cheese with dried fruits, a Zinfandel and serve it on rustic crackers read more...
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  • The name Raclette means 'scraper' and refers to a group of gourmet cheeses which are melted to make a traditional Swiss dish of the same name. These are mountain cheeses made originally in the Vallais region but are now produced throughout Switzerland. The French also produce a fine Raclette. The texture of this Raclette, made from pasteurized part-skim cow's milk is smooth and melts easily. The a... read more
  • Tete de Moine means 'monk's head'. This Swiss gourmet cheese was originally invented by the monks of Belleray Abbey in the Bernese Jura, and they taught the local farmers how to make it. Unlike most other mountain gourmet cheeses which tend to be very large, it is made in small drums. The rind may be smooth and slightly greasy, or rough and brown in color. The paste is firm and creamy to straw-yel... read more
  • This Fondue is a blend of Swiss cheeses, wine and kirsch; it is made from a combination of Gruyere and Emmental cheeses, Emmi Fondue is a deliciously simple and tasty treat. Heat Emmi Cheese Fondue in the traditional fondue pot, or any other pot for that matter, it is already blended and ready to warm. Heat until bubbly and you will have creamy, cheesy bliss in just moments. This is an ambient pro... read more
  • In a moist, chilly remote underground cave in Kaltbach near Lucerne Switzerland, a cheese is maturing into what we know as Cave-aged Gruyere. It is matured for about one year in the sandstone caves and this older gruyere, made from unpasteurized milk, is a step up in flavor compared to the traditional gruyere. This gourmet cheese matures reflecting a densely thick texture  cheese. This Swiss ... read more
  • Appenzeller is originally made in the Swiss mountainous canton of Appenzell near the Austrian border. This cheese is a Swiss classic, a semi-hard alpine cheese with a light tan color and a slightly pungent aroma; the cheese is washed with a special mixture of herbs, wine and salt. Appenzeller is made with raw milk from brown Swiss cows that graze on the rich pasture of the alpine mountains. The go... read more
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