As You Like It Cookbook: Imaginative Gourmet Dishes With Exciting Vegetarian Options

By Ron Pickarski
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Have you ever prepared a wonderful dish, but because it contained beef or chicken, your daughter-in-law, the vegetarian, wouldn’t go near it? The challenge of cooking for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians is becoming more and more common. To meet that challenge, Ron Pickarski, one of the most celebrated chefs in this country, has written the As You Like It Cookbook — a unique cookbook designed to help you find the perfect meal for today’s contemporary lifestyles.

The As You Like It Cookbook offers over 175 recipes for great-tasting dishes that appeal to a broad range of tastes. Many of the easy-to-follow recipes use lean and luscious cuts of beef, pork, poultry, or seafood, but guide you in substituting vegetarian ingredients so that the dish will also appeal to vegans and vegetarians. And handy substitution guidelines enable you to turn any of your favorite meat, poultry, seafood, egg, and dairy recipes into meatless options.

So don’t despair the next time someone asks what’s for dinner. With the As You Like It Cookbook, a tantalizing meal—cooked exactly as your family likes it—is just minutes away.