Gourmet Vegetables: Smart Tips and Tasty Picks for Gardeners and Gourmet Cooks

By Anne Raver
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Celebrate the savory, homegrown tastes of North America's new cosmopolitan cuisine, from ancient black Aztec corn to Osaka purple mustard greens. Both gardeners and gourmet cooks will relish this luscious volume, written by leading gardeners, growers, and chefs. Here are the most flavorsome and sought-after root vegetables, salad greens, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucurbits, and more, with expert advice on cultivation and cooking. Cold frames, hotbeds, and other innovative techniques and tools make it possible to grow produce year-round, especially with tips on trellising, cover crops, and French intensive gardening. Scrumptious recipes include Okra with Green Mango and Lentils, Tuscan Style Shiitake Mushrooms, and Baked Beet Salad with Fall Green and Feta Cheese.