Gourmet Dry Pasta

Browse our selection of dry pasta. Our main line of dry pasta is coming from Maestri Pastai. The craftsmen at Maestri Pastai are the holders of the Neapolitan pasta making secret handed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen re-introduce the ancient flavors using new techniques. This gives life to a simple handcrafted product but at the same time preserves ancient traditions. Try the various chocolate bars and bark and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Gourmet Dry Pastas frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Gourmet Dry Pasta
Picture of straccetti pasta
These delicate Tuscan straccetti (rags), made with carefully selected durum wheat semolina that includes the highly nutritious wheat germ, are versatile, and also delicious with prawns or shrimp. During cooking, the boiling water turns slightly green and releases a wonderful aroma of wheat. The products of the family-run Morelli factory, which was founded in 1860, are unique, the secret being an ingredient that is not found in most common read more...