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Browse our selection of dry pasta. Our main line of dry pasta is coming from Maestri Pastai. The craftsmen at Maestri Pastai are the holders of the Neapolitan pasta making secret handed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen re-introduce the ancient flavors using new techniques. This gives life to a simple handcrafted product but at the same time preserves ancient traditions. Try the various chocolate bars and bark and let us know what you think by giving us your opinion in a product review.

We will be adding exciting new Gourmet Dry Pastas frequently, so come back soon!

Our Featured Gourmet Dry Pasta
Picture of calamari pasta
Calamari pasta has the shape of rings of squid (calamaro in Italian). The large short rings are easy to hold sauces with large pieces of meat, vegetable, fruit etc. Since every shape of pasta requires a different cooking time, depending on the consistency of the pasta, and whether you prefer the pasta to be 'al dente' or very 'al dente'. The package will show a minimum and a maximum cooking time on the package. Calamari is 11-13 minutes. Afeltra pasta is artisan, handmade and extruded through bronze, they way they did it centuries ago. This procedure gives the pasta an exceptional flavor, thanks to the rough, porous surface which holds the sauce. read more...
What other Gourmets are buying
  • Pici is a hand-rolled pasta from Siena in Tuscany; it's like a thick spaghetti, made in long strands that are twisted into coils before drying; once cooked they separate into individual strands again. The cooking time is 22 minutes for al dente. The porous nature of these pici nests makes them the perfect for any type of sauce, but traditionally it is served in Siena All'Aglione, with a tomato, g... read more
  • This typical Ligurian pasta shaped into a medallion and is created from a sheet of pasta. It is engraved with the Genoese cross, the cruxetta, the coat-of-arms of its region (Genova), and a stalk of Ligurian wheat. Prepare this past with a butter sauce; it is also extraordinary with a creamy walnut sauce and pesto. The artisan pasta factory Pastificio Alta Valle Scrivia is nestled in the Apennine ... read more
  • Sa Fregula or Fregola Sarda is a type of pasta from Sardinia, made from durum wheat semolina that has been 'rolled' into tiny balls of 2-3 mm in diameter, then they are sifted and divided into small, medium and large; Fregola Piccola, Media and Grande. Our Fregola is the medium version. Finally the Fregola are toasted in an oven, resulting in a rich brown color and earthy flavor of the pasta. Some... read more
  • These small zebra bowties, black and white striped bowties, are stylishly striped using dehydrated squid ink and they don't lose any of the inky black color when cooked. The black and white contrast makes for a very dramatic presentation. The Marella family makes pasta the way it was made hundreds of years ago: by hand. The colors are all natural, and take the spinach green, squid ink black, or h... read more
  • These colorful, small bowties, Farfalline Arcobaleno, maintain their luminous color when cooked. Serve with butter and parmesan, pesto, or a cream sauce, to show off their rainbow stripes. The Marella family makes pasta the way it was made hundreds of years ago: by hand. The colors are all natural, and take the spinach green, squid ink black, or hot pepper red traditional pastas a step further an... read more
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