Terrine d'Epinards au Roquefort

Picture of terrine d'epinards au roquefort
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CountryUnited States
StateNew York
Pork FreeYes

Spinach Pate with Roquefort or Terrine d'Epinard au Roquefort in French, is a creamy spinach terrine accentuated with Roquefort cheese. This vibrantly green terrine is indeed deliciously creamy and slices easily. An interesting addition to your buffet, or cheese platter.

This Spinach Pate with Roquefort is available in 6.5 oz packages.

Ingredients: spinach, eggs, cream, blue cheese, red peppers, milk, Swiss cheese, non-fat dry milk, salt, onion flakes, garlic, Roquefort cheese, white pepper, natural vegetable gum, nutmeg, spices.
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