American Artisans Collection

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Approx. Weight: 6 lbs. 4 oz.
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During the holidays we're especially grateful for the artisans who are innovating the American foodscape. Taste the incredible Harbison from Vermont, world-class Sopressata from Utah, handmade crackers from Georgia and so much more.

What's inside:
Acacia Honeycomb (5.6 oz.)
Bay Blue Cheese (8 oz.)
Cocoa Cakes (7.2 oz.)
Firehook Garlic and Thyme Crackers (5.5 oz.)
Flagship Cheddar (7 oz.)
Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers (4 oz.)
Harbison Cheese (5 oz.)
Rick's Picks Mean Beans (15 oz.)
Nduja (4 oz.)
Parm Crisps (3 oz.)
Apple Pear Preserves w/ Honey & Ginger (6 oz.)
Pecan Honey Mustard (10.5 oz.)
Sweet Grass Dairy Pimento Cheese (6 oz.)
Ridge Reserve Cheese (8 oz.)
Creminelli Salami Sopressata (5.5 oz.)

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