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In recent years Americans have started opening more charcuterie houses, venturing into making their own versions of the world's finest cured meats. From salami to prosciutto, pate to rillettes, sausages and more, new charcutiers are celebrating the fine art of meat preservation. The following products emerge from leaders in the American charcuterie scene.

Our American Charcuterie Sampler contains the following:
Sopressata Salami (5.5 oz.) - A classic northern Italian style salami made with garlic and wine. An easy crowd-pleaser from Utah's Creminelli Fine Meats.
Finocchiona Salami (3 oz.) – A classic salami with fennel seeds. Mild yet aromatic. Made in Georgia by Spotted Trotter.
Canadian Style Bacon (5 oz.) - Canadian Style Bacon from Neuske's in Wisconsin.
Nduja (4 oz.) - It's like prosciutto, but it's a spread. Spicy and satisfying, from Iowa's La Quercia.
Gold Medal Pate (7 oz.) - A classic award-winning pate from New York's Schaller & Weber.
Black Pepper Sorghum Salami (3 oz.) - A southern inspired salami flavored with black pepper and the sweetness of sorghum from Georgia's Spotted Trotter.

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