Antipasto Platter

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A delicious Antipasto Platter reflects an Italian traditional first course that includes charcuterie, cheese, olives, and vegetables, but can include much more. Our platter will offer you:

Pitted Kalamata Olives: delightful meaty Greek olives.
Stuffed Grape Leaves or Dolmas: are sweet and tender with lemon and a delicious herbal finish. The leaves are early harvest Sultana varietal grape leaves filled with long-grain rice.
Mortadella is an Italian sausage, rich in flavor and texture; a perfect anchor to any sandwich.
Mild Peppadew Piquante Peppers: a South African small bright red fruit that looks like cross between a miniature red pepper and a cherry tomato. You can fill the peppers with a creamy goat cheese spread: Snofrisk
Manchego 3 months
: a young version of Spain's best-known sheep's milk cheese
Wild Boar Salami: a strong flavor profile with the tones of the wild boar's wild diet which includes roots, grasses, nuts, and berries.
Pepper Shooters: cherry peppers stuffed with Prosciutto and wrapped around Provolone cheese.

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