Bacon Lover's Bundle

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A bacon lover's dream. 8 ounces of delectable Applewood Smoked Bacon, classic Pimento Cheese upgraded with bacon, sweet and savory Apple Maple Bacon Jam, smokey smooth Bacon Whiskey BBQ Sauce. A great gift for Father's day, or any special day for the bacon lover in your life.

What's inside:
Bacon & Whiskey BBQ Sauce (12 oz.) One jar of Bacon & Whiskey Barbeque Sauce from Southern City Flavors. The perfect BBQ sauce for the bacon lover, this sauce combines sweet and tangy barbeque sauce with the taste of Tennessee whiskey and smoky roasted bacon.
Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon (8 oz.) Incredible, thick sliced hickory smoked bacon from Nueske's. Known for years for their smoky and sweet roasted hams, this bacon from Nueske's is something to write home about!
Apple Maple Bacon Jam (11 oz.) This versatile Apple Maple Bacon Jam is a great accompaniment to pretty much any kind of cheese, but it is also an incredible addition to savory dishes like roasted rack of lamb or other roasted meats.
Bacon Pimento Cheese (11 oz.) This excellent pimento cheese from New Bridge is the best you'll taste out there! Just imagine the incredible flavor of pimento cheese in a classic recipe, and then add bacon! What could be better?

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