Basket for the Sweet Tooth

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For those of you who cannot resist sweets, look no further, you found your destination. A basket full of sweet deliciousness; not the every day chocolate or candy bar, but cherries in syrup, fig and cocoa, caramel sauce and more.

Amaretti Cookie Snaps - a popular item in the Italian kitchen. They are baked slowly and carefully and the result is a crunchy one-bite Italian macaroons with a subtle almond flavor.
Raspberry Vincotto - a dark, sweet dense grape must with raspberries, wonderful on salads.
Wild cherries in Amarena syrup - wild cherries from Italy in Amarena syrup - a delicious topping on ice cream, cakes etc.
Blueberry Pecan Preserve - fresh blueberries simmering, ripe Georgian pecans, and pure cane sugar together creating a delicious sweet preserve.
Fig Cocoa Spread - two ingredients; figs and cocoa and one result - delicious.
Peach Marmalade - this is no ordinary peach marmalade. It is made with sun-ripened peaches, oranges and a touch of ginger.
Honey Plus Strawberry - a perfect combination that combines the health benefits of clover honey with the goodness of strawberries.

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