Basket of Meat and Cheese Favorites

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Some of your favorite gourmet meat and gourmet cheese together in a gift basket.

Salametto - a salami crafted according to the finest Italian pastoral traditions, using the highest-quality pork; coarse ground and garlic scented.
Pepper Salami - a salami rolled in cracked peppercorns.
Wild Boar Salami - made with a mixture of field harvested Texas wild boar and all natural Duroc pork belly, and seasoned with wine-soaked cloves and juniper berries.
Just Jack - a classic Monterey Jack with a creamy, slow-cooked flavor.
Pimento Cheese - a Southern delicacy that combines a blend of cheddar cheeses with mayonnaise and pimentos.
Maple Smoked Cheddar - an aged cheddar bathed in the cool smoke from smoldering hard maple wood for 4-6 hours.
Gouda with Ginger - full flavored, rich Gouda cheese topped with ginger.
French Mini Toast - tiny one-bite toasts ideal for serving cheese and meats
Cheese Honey - the rich sweetness of this honey is the perfect pairing for gourmet cheese.
Moutarde de Meaux - a rustic mustard that has some similarities with the Dijon mustard.

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