British Classic Gift Basket

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Our British Classic Gift Basket contains many wonderfully unique culinary 'royal' gourmet products from this large island, like:

Cheshire: (8 oz) England's oldest-known cheese, it is reddish-orange in color and has a slightly tangy flavor.
Blue Stilton: (8 oz) The King of English cheeses. This crumbly blue is perfect after dinner with a nice wine or a port and fruit.
Stripey Jack Cheese: (8 oz.) a potpourri of traditional English cheese: Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Lancashire, Cheddar and Cheshire.
White Stilton with Blueberries: (10 oz.) A combination of fresh mild, creamy white stilton, and a delicate flavor of whole blueberries resulting in a delicious and pretty choice for your dessert platter.
Double Devon Cream: (6 oz.) A favorite treat, typically spooned atop freshly baked scones, but also delicious over fresh fruit.
Herbal Revive English Tea: (20 tea bags) An invigorating blend with zesty lemon and Chinese ginger.
34 Degrees Natural Crisps: (4.5 oz.) -great accompaniments for all above items.

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