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Have brunch on hand for all of your holiday guests. Two flavors of Einstein Bros bagels are the start of a delicious meal featuring two flavors of Chante, and smoked Salmon. A great variety of flavors to mix and match to please everyone.

What's inside:
Smoked Salmon Pastrami Style (4 oz.) This unforgettable smoked salmon is made in the traditional pastrami style and coated with a delicious blend of herbs and spices before it is smoked.
Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon (4 oz.) Cured and smoked salmon, the freshest around from Kendall Brook. 
Einstein Bros Asiago Bagels (17 oz.) Large, heaty bagels from one of the best known bagel makers on the planet. These add asiago cheese onto the top for a salty, tangy addition. 
Einstein Bros Plain Bagels (17 oz.) Einstein Brothers' classic bagel, the  perfect thing for a family brunch. 
Chante with Garlic & Herbs (4.4 oz.) This spreadable French cheese is delightful on a bagel with lox or is also a delicious dip, with fresh garlic and herb flavor. 
Original Chante (4.4 oz.) Excellent spreadable cheese from La Bonne Vie. Use in place of cream cheese for a luxurious, and flavorful alternative. 

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