Celebration Gourmet Gift Basket

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While creating this celebration basket we knew there are so many reason to celebrate that we collected a variety of gourmet items. And if there is no official reason to celebrate, we are sure that you will find a one...

Purple Haze - a small disc of fresh goat cheeses from Northern California that is flavored with wild fennel pollen and lavender; a combination that reminds you of the French Provence (4 oz.).
White Stilton with Mango and Ginger - cheese and fruit in one combination, delicious as a dessert or as part of a salad (10 oz.).
Merlot BellaVitano - the Merlot wine adds hints of berry and plum to a rich, creamy cheese with nutty, fruity flavors (5.3 oz.).
Traditional Crostini - Italian, crunchy and addictive; delicious straight from the bag or in combination with cheese.
Whipped Honey with Cinnamon - a honey that is whipped, introducing air into the honey with a hint of cinnamon (3 oz.).
Fig Almond Cake - fresh chunky pajarero figs and Marcona almonds pressed together is this flavorful cake (8 oz.).
Wild Cherries in Amarena Syrup: only the best cherries are selected and they are candied in amarena (sour cherry) syrup (8 oz.).

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