Charcuterie Platter

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Our Charcuterie Platter gives you a variety of some of the finest sliced meats in the world and is great for the meat lover or the first-time consumer. It is served on a Red Slate Board (not included):

Prosciutto di Parma is sliced in Parma under strict supervision of the Parma Ham Consortium. A great Italian premier deli meat for your sandwiches, your picnic, as an appetizer with fresh melon or just as a snack.
Pancetta is an Italian bacon that is cured with salt and spices and airdried, but not smoked. It is incredibly flavorful, thinly sliced that you can consume it as it is.
Mortadella is an Italian sausage, rich in flavor and texture; a perfect anchor to any sandwich.
Serrano Ham is a great gourmet Spanish sliced ham has a rich nutty flavor, cured in the mountains of Spain.
Speck Americano is a fully aged Prosciutto Americano smoked over apple wood and then sliced.
French Cornichons or Baby Sour Gherkins are very small cucumbers, pickled with salt, vinegar, onions and spices; the traditional French way.

Serve this Charcuterie Platter with crackers or freshly baked country bread, olives, fruit and vegetables.

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