Chef's Gourmet Treasure Chest

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This gift basket offers an assortment of outstanding gourmet products for the professional and home chef. It includes many essentials that go a long way when you want to prepare something special. It includes:

Bonito del Norte Tuna: authentic white tuna. The large chunks of deliciously flavorful fish are cooked and packed in olive oil to preserve the flavor.
Black Summer Truffle Peelings: packed in brine and preserved in a water-based truffle juice, these truffle peelings are a practical presentation that allows for a fast use while staying true to the taste and fragrance of whole truffles.
Campfire Salt: a smoked salt blend containing pure ocean salt, smoked sea salt, sumac, cumin, and chili flakes.
Quince Cider Vinegar: Quince Cider Vinegar, is made with quince juice. The quince juice is very slowly oxidized at natural temperature, conserving and intensifying the aroma and fragrance of the fruit juice.
Fig Cocoa Spread: a wonderful concoction named for the two ingredients; figs and cocoa. It is a healthy decadent alternative to many of the dessert sauces and spreads.
Fig Almond Cake: a genuine Spanish Fig Almond cake, made from whole premium Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds.
Farfalline Arcobaleno Pasta: colorful, small bowties that maintain their luminous color when cooked.
Essenza: a balsamic vinegar with more sugar and a less developed flavor as it is only aged aged between 8 and 10 years. The result is a velvety, well-developed taste, a tinge of acidity and a fruity aroma.
White Balsamic Cream: a cream, syrup like reduction of the Balsamic Vinegar. This white version adds all the flavors of a red balsamic cream but not the color.
Black Truffle Salt: a special salt that gives you an easy way to add ground black truffle and sea salt to your dishes.
Coffee Rub: robust coffee, Ancho chile, brown sugar, salt and other spices makes this rub ideal for beef, pork, lamb, duck and salmon, wild game or even desserts.
Wild Lavender Honey: light and floral. Combine this honey with desserts, cheese, yogurt or add some to your tea.

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